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Waterproofing Shower Pan & Walls:

Wedi® Fundo and Balco - Designed with both the DIY novice or building professional in mind, the Wedi Fundo “Ready-4-Tile” Shower Pan & Wallboard System is a highly flexible, one-step waterproofing/tile-backer solution that offers a no-risk, easy to install alternative to conventional tile substrate installations.  By eliminating the pre-sloped mud base, vinyl pan liner, upper mud bed, paint-on waterproofing membrane and the weep-hole drain, the Wedi system eliminates the risks associated with pan liner cracks, clogged weep-holes and mold growth in mud beds. 

Composed of 100% waterproof, closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam, the Wedi system weighs 80% less than conventional systems, offers thermal insulation value behind the tile, is impervious to mold or mildew growth, and comes with a 10-year waterproof warranty The shower pans are pre-sloped, come in 16 standard sizes, are easily modified to fit your shower area and reduces total installation time to less than a day.  All Wedi shower substrate installations are tile-ready the following morning.

Waterproofing Sheet Membrane:

wedi® Subliner Dry - Achieve a permanent seal with wedi® Subliner Dry. This thin-layer, crack-bridging sealing membrane is made from highly tear-resistant polyethylene film and offers optimum connection to tile laying materials thanks to its dual-sided special fleece lamination. It’s ideal for use as a quick-sealing measure for building projects with fixed deadlines in combination with ceramic tiles and slabs, as well as with natural cast tiles for indoor wall and floor areas.

Isolation Sheet Membrane:

wedi® Subliner Flex - wedi® Subliner Flex eliminates the need for conventional backer board in creating surfaces on which tile can be set. Thanks to its flexible performance properties, it helps reduce tension between the hard layers of subfloor and floor covering. Lightweight for true thinset applications, Subliner Flex requires no fasteners in installation, making it a cost-effective solution.

Waterproofing / Isolation Sheet Membrane:

wedi® Subliner Dry & Flex PRO - wedi® Subliner Dry & Flex PRO is a peel and stick, flexible underlayment with integral waterproofing, crack-isolating and sound reduction characteristics. This innovative underlayment is made from highly tear-resistant, non-woven polypropylene material with a rubberized asphaltic, pressure sensitive adhesive layer that offers optimum adhesion to tile laying materials due to its special fleece lamination. It’s ideal when quick-sealing measures are required for time-sensitive building projects, in combination with ceramic tiles and slabs as well as with natural cast tiles for indoor and outdoor floor areas. In addition to providing improved tension compensation during abrupt temperature changes, wedi® Subliner Dry & Flex PRO is 100% waterproof and effectively protects subfloors from moisture damage and cracks due to movement.

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